Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

No seriously. Do you know who I am?
I am an absolute nobody ❌
Not a guru ❌
Not a celebrity ❌
I have absolutely zero advantages on you ❌
I grew up poor. I didn’t go to uni. I had to go to work when I was 13 in a factory, cutting, welding and bending metal for the building trade.
I landed in the UK with just £65 ($80 give or take) and ZERO English language skills. I couldn’t SPEAK to people!
I spent countless months working 18 hour days. I built 8 businesses, the first 4 almost killed me… and my relationships.
I was living in a place of scarcity. In my heart, I’ve always been a giving person – wanting to make an impact and help others.
But the hard truth is that it’s extremely hard to give and help others when you’re is worried about finances and works 18 hours per day.
In the picture below, I was selling my car to the recovery truck company because I couldn’t afford to fix it when it broke down.
I was 27 years of age. I had nothing!
I 💛 you but let me tell you… you have no excuses 😇
I’ve invested in mentors.
At the beginning I had to make massive sacrifices to afford them. I’ve paid all the money I made into coaching and mentoring.
💛 I run an agency that does $200K/month, builds the best talent in the digital marketing space and gives them a fantastic place to work
💛 I also run SAM, a mentoring program that we built to high 6 figures in 7 months and a program that is changing the lives of small business owners
💛 I donate to massively important causes, leaving a mark
💛 I have a wonderful family and am blessed to be doing the things I’ve always loved
If you’re crushing it… great, I am happy for you ✅
If you’re content… great, I am happy for you ✅
BUT… if you want more, if you know you deserve more but feel stuck… Do this:
✔ Know that your past does NOT equal your future
✔ Invest in yourself
✔ Find mentors
✔ Be consistent
✔ Resist shiny objects
✔ Have a big WHY
✔ Give back
✔ Wake up early
✔ Meditate
✔ Work on discipline (do the stuff that you need to do even when, especially when you don’t feel like it)
✔ Every day plan the next day with needle movers (for sub 10K peeps, that’s SALES)
✔ Solve a real problem
✔ Put at least 2.5 hours per day in your calendar to do sales activity
✔ Expect to work hard
✔ Expect haters
✔ Be patient
✔ Enjoy the hardship
✔ Celebrate the wins
✔ Focus
✔ Enjoy the process
✔ Start today!