What Does Leadership Mean To You?

For me, leadership comes in all shapes 🟡🔶🔲💠◽
First, what does it mean?
These are some of the things that come to mind:
🏆 Helping a team succeed – at work, sport, at home⁣
🚀 Communicate in a way that inspires others to come together and take action toward a shared goal⁣
👥 Create a truly inclusive and safe environment – diversity of everything… skills, backgrounds, views, styles etc⁣.
🗣 Let our teams know how we operate – something I learned the hard way. The better they know how we work, the more supported they’ll feel⁣
🎉 Celebrate their victories as if they’re our own⁣
🤝 Make decisions even when uncertainty is high⁣
What makes a good leader?
Leaders don’t have to fit into a mold…⁣
✔ Some are extroverts⁣
✔ Some are introverts⁣
✔ Some sit somewhere in the middle⁣
✔ Some are quiet⁣
✔ Some are more energetic⁣
✔ Some move fast⁣
✔ Some move slow ⁣
But the best ones all share one thing in common… ⁣
They lead people to become leaders themselves 💪
In my experience, leading people to become leaders and help them elevate their leadership skills feels rewarding at a level that is hard to match 💛
What’s your take?