Want The Truth? You Need To See The License.

One of the most important posts you’ll read if you’re trying to achieve a goal – in business or otherwise.
We post about revenue and profits. It’s not bragging. It’s licensing.
We never talk about competitors and if we do, we always talk about them nicely (I don’t believe in competitors after all). There are some great mentors around..
But there are some who aren’t ‘licensed’. You wouldn’t choose:
❌  An overweight person to help you get into shape
❌  A person who’s never boxed to train you in boxing
❌  Someone who’s never danced to teach you how to dance
One of the many reasons why we’re so passionate at SAM is that the internet is full of ‘mentors’ teaching people how to grow a business but they’ve never grown one themselves.
That creates mistrust – not just in them but in the whole industry.
The image shows the weekly report I run on Saturdays.
At SAM Mentoring Program we:
✅ Cashed in £90K ($125K) in the last three months
✅ £9K ($12K) in the last 7 days, a run rate of £108K ($150K) for the next three months
✅ Did $52K last month
And at Genie Goals, we do over £140K every month.
I’m saying this to impress. I’m posting this to impress upon you this:
If you want to achieve X, your mentor must be able to generate at least what you’re trying to achieve and have a (ideally current) track record that shows that.
Our clients in the SAM Mentoring Program get results, not only but certainly and importantly BECAUSE we teach what WE do – day in and day out.
Two takeaways:
1. Don’t get your knickers in a twist when I post about money, I do so to inspire and reassure, not to impress. It’s licensing.
2. Demand hard proof from the mentors you’re considering working with. Demand the license.
And if you don’t work with mentors… 🙈
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