Three Steps That Helped Us Build Multi-Seven Figure Businesses (And Do A Lot Of Good In The World)

These are the macros, the big picture stuff. You can easily work out the details once you follow the structure. ⁣
The first thing we do when launching a new business, product or service is research and it comes in the form of: ⁣
🔵Do we know anyone who’s done this or something similar before⁣?⁣
🔵If so, what went right? ⁣
🔵What didn’t?⁣
🔵What are the learnings?⁣
🔵What would they do differently?⁣
🔵If not, what parts of the project are we confident about? ⁣
🔵What parts of the projects are we less confident about?⁣
🔵What would give us more confidence? ⁣
🔵What would we do if X happens (pre-crisis agreement)? ⁣
I’d want to ask as many of these as possible, you can nail this phase in much less time than one may think and the clarity that it provides offers unbelievable benefits.  
Second, once we have all the information from the first phase, I’d want to plan. ⁣
🔵Roadmap (key tasks)⁣
🔵Ownership (who’s ‘in charge’ of what)⁣
🔵Support (how can I or others support the team)⁣
🔵Weekly (or multiple times⁣ weekly) check-ins schedule to track KPIs and support⁣
🔵Exit agreement – when do we know that the project hasn’t been successful? ⁣
This isn’t applicable to everything but where it is, doing this can make a difference between moving onto success and staying stuck in the mud  because emotions can blur our vision⁣.
There’s not much I can say about execution as it’s mostly dictated by the QUESTIONS and PLANNING phases. ⁣
However, the one thing that made a huge difference for us is the WWD and WDD with TOT90!⁣
𝗪𝗪𝗗 Wonderful Week Design and 𝗪𝗗𝗗 Wonderful Day Design ⁣are the process of planning the week and day respectively according to the 𝗧𝗢𝗧𝟵𝟬. ⁣
𝗧he 𝗢ne 𝗧hing is the non-negotiable – the task or tasks that must get done that week or day that if completed ensure progress on the project. ⁣
The 90 stands for at least 90 minutes of focused, uninterrupted work on such tasks each day. ⁣
This helped me personally in prioritising and, simply put, keeping my focus where it matters because I find that when we deal with multiple stakeholders on multiple projects, the day can go by faster than expected leaving behind the one thing (TOT) that would make the biggest difference.⁣
This is the process we adopt when launching new projects… It helped us win some of the awards in the picture too 🏆. ⁣
I hope you find it helpful. ⁣
Share yours…