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Congratulations on reading the book. I honestly hope that you have enjoyed it and that it can be an asset for months to come.

Here we’ll include all the updates and additional info that you might need after reading the book. Scroll down, below the picture.

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Updates and additional stuff:

This is the diagram in the OKRs section:

OKRs table

In the section on Google, there’s a table which, if you listened to the audio version of the book, you might want to see. Therefore I included that here alongside some pictures which are described in the audiobook.

Table 1

In the audiobook I talk about my MJ Gucinari shoes… here they are if you want to see them:

MJ Gucinari shoes

The picture below is the infamous drawing I talk about in the audiobook when telling the story of when we went to the mountain top villa to build the strategy of the agency. It’s actually hilarious.

Drawing from the book THE AGNENCY: BUILD GROW REPEAT

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