The Power of LinkedIn and Social Networking

I have built a large chunk of my business and my personal brand using LinkedIn. I love it. If you post good content and build solid relationships, the right way, LinkedIn is a platform on which you can learn, grow, find opportunities and even make friends. I wrote a post about creating content for LinkedIn a few weeks back – give it a read.

On LinkedIn, success should be measured by real, meaningful engagement. Not cheap ‘likes’ or meaningless connections numbers. It all starts from adding real value, asking questions and being collaborative.

Last week I have decided to post this on LinkedIn:

What happened?

This resulted in only 17 ‘likes’ and a respectable 61 ‘comments’. What’s good about this however isn’t the number of comments (some of which are just my replies).

What’s good about this is that the comments were mostly other marketing tips which went on to create this marketing tips piece built by all those amazing people.

This is the real power of LinkedIn and social networking.

Here the combined list of marketing tips, brought to you by my LinkedIn Network.

  1. Accept business as usual is dead in this ever-changing world! Emma Burnham
  2. Those customers of yours? Ask them what they’re thinking. Don’t ever assume you (or anyone else in your business, for that matter) know.
    Your customers are your markets. Talking to them is market research. Unless we know what they think, how can we prepare effective marketing plans? The tip is: ask, don’t assume. Christian Pratt
  3. Never stop learning. Make sure you invest in your learning whether that is attending conferences, training courses, meet-ups, listening to podcasts or reading – you and your customers will reap the benefits and you meet some really cool like-minded people. Natalie Morris
  4. What worked yesterday might not work today or tomorrow, keep testing and adapting to the market. Massimo Gaetani
  5. Two things actually: A) Customer EXPERIENCE is key. B) Time to balance sales and account management activities. Claire Thiveyrat
  6. Focus on one or two things and do them well, rather than try to do everything on every platform, 24/7! Sue Keogh
  7. Keep up-to-date with changes (big and small) on social media platforms. Don’t let one algorithm change surprise you and cost you a significant amount of engagement.Lewis Morgan
  8. Have a really crystal clear idea about what your USP is. Why should people buy from you? If you don’t know this – how can your customers? Andrew Cockstarkey
  9. Right now Linkedin is a great platform for Coaches to generate appointments and clients without spending money on ads and complex sales funnels. Shelley Hutchinson
  10. Be authentic! Margherita Cesca
  11. Tell good stories, but understand why you are telling them. James Sandbrook
  12. Relevancy is king. (For content, for paid media, for websites)…. Emma Burnham
  13. Never stop testing, channels, campaigns, copy, imagery, you name it. Simone Luciani
  14. Solve the needs of the customer. Joe Glover
  15. Be social (especially on social media). Listen more, talk less! Lenka Koppová
  16. Don’t be afraid to try something new – you never know what a single test can offer 😉 Alina Ghost

And my original 10 to start the thread.

  1. Listen to what people want instead of guessing what they need
  2. Be creative but systemise all activity so you can scale it
  3. Build personas/avatars and build campaigns for each
  4. Use tech to save time on mundane task But don’t expect tech to do the creative part
  5. Patience. Play the long game
  6. Face to face networking is not dead. Choose the right events and build relationships. It’ll pay off
  7. Produce good quality content, frequency isn’t the most important factor, quality and consistency are
  8. Be human – speak as humans do
  9. Use content on different platforms: done a video? Do a write up on your blog. Break it down in shorter videos for other platforms. Get the audio out for your podcast. You get the gist
  10. Measure KPIs. Even when you can’t, take note of what you do, how and where

How about 26 solid marketing tips to go away and use/adjust/reflect on?

All from one 5 minute post asking my network, made of colleagues, peers, and friends, to contribute.

It’s true, together we are more, a lot more!