Content For LinkedIn

From my book: THE AGENCY: BUILD - GROW - REPEAT. How to build a successful agency business that wins and keeps clients. As I write this, LinkedIn is still the best platform for professional content. LinkedIn has 500 million users, 250 million of which are active monthly users (http://linkedinformed.com/episode207/), 40 percent of whom use…


Weak Language in Communication

Weak language "What I mean is...", "Basically...", "Essentially...", "What I'm trying to say..." "I hope you don't mind me saying..." This is crazy, right? This is called ‘weak language’ – words and phrases that we put into sentences but that add absolutely zero value to the message we're trying to deliver. The end result…


Brutal Feedback: They Can Make You or Break You

If you choose to follow this you must be prepared, ready to take what comes and either learn from it by taking real action on the feedback of, if you don't think you should change some of the points you hear, then you must be sure the decision is made rationally, because you genuinely…