10 Things Brands Hate About You (Agencies)

In the process of writing my book THE AGENCY, I interviewed several brands and discussed what they want from, like and dislike about agencies. Performance aside, here the ten items that came up the most: 1. Flashy slides When pitching and presenting, flashy slides aren’t something brands like or value. These are slides full…


Weak Language in Communication

Weak language "What I mean is...", "Basically...", "Essentially...", "What I'm trying to say..." "I hope you don't mind me saying..." This is crazy, right? This is called ‘weak language’ – words and phrases that we put into sentences but that add absolutely zero value to the message we're trying to deliver. The end result…


The Best Time in History to be a Marketer.

I started marketing when it was either TV/other mediums only for the big guys or yellow pages and flyers. There was nothing in between and no way to measure results: you knew 50% of the investment was wasted and 50% was profitable. You just didn't know which was which. I sold advertising campaigns including…