30 Minutes With Ben Dansie, CEO and Founder at Omobono: The Digital Agency For Business Brands.

I had the great opportunity to spend some time with Ben Danise, CEO and Founder of a great digital agency for business brands: Omobono. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NSgLS4A3eI&feature=youtu.be Ben and I talk about starting, building and growing an agency, hiring staff, training them, and keeping them motivated. We touch on marketing, sales and automation and many aspects…



Feel free to join us in the private Facebook Group designed to help eachother grow, in business and life. The Growth Factor. I have vague memories of my father driving expensive cars and somehow had the sense that we had a luxurious lifestyle. I also have some memories of being scared of my dad,…


Brutal Feedback: They Can Make You or Break You

If you choose to follow this you must be prepared, ready to take what comes and either learn from it by taking real action on the feedback of, if you don't think you should change some of the points you hear, then you must be sure the decision is made rationally, because you genuinely…