Author - Entrepreneur - Speaker - Martial Artist.

During the past few years I have spoken at large events as well as intimate corporate meetings delivering key-notes or taylored training.

I am available for speaking engagements on the following topics:

Marketing and Business:

  • Strategic, customer-centric marketing – digital and traditional.
  • Business: growth hacking and sales.
  • The science of motivation and how to use It.
  • Business proposition and pitching.


  • Be Better: The science of progress and happiness.
  • The Science of confidence.
  • Productivity Hacks.
  • The Morning: How I do 80% of my job before breakfast

For availability, fees and other questions, contact me on luca.senatore@geniegoals.co.uk​


Digital Entrepreneur 
E-Commerce Expert
Director at GENIE GOALS
Martial Artist

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