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Luca Senatore Speaking at Growth Conference Europe Milan

A Short Bio:

I am a Growth Entrepreneur, I like to see things grow. I had the honour to work with some truly remarkable people and built seven business in my time in the UK. Now CEO at Genie Goals. I am also the author of the book ‘The Agency: Build, Grow, Repeat’. I regularly get called to speak by Google and other organizations including Growth Conference Europe, E-commerce Expo Berlin, Chamber of Commerce Portugal and more.

My passion is growth, not only business growth but also, and most importantly, personal growth. I believe that all humans can and must be better but not better than others, better than the previous version of themselves and progress because progress is the secret of happiness.


I came from very humble beginnings, growing up in challenging circumstances, unable to study further than secondary school and having to work in a metal factory to help out at home – my mum and I were alone and making hands meet was easier said than done. 

Never had my father as a role model and grew up with a very different view on relationships and family, one which wasn’t very healthy: if it doesn’t work, one should divorce. Not having really met any of my extended family, my sense of belonging was very weak too.

I travelled to the UK at the age of 25 with zero English language skills with £65 in my pocket. I was fired from a wash up job at the end of my first shift because I could not speak or understand any of what was being said to me. After years of focusing on the philosophy of ‘being better’, I went on to build successful businesses and a life I deeply love and am immensely grateful for with my amazing wife of 13 years Karen and my three super cool children. My family is his priority number one, everything else comes after. 

Far from having ‘made it’, today I recognise just how much I achieved and I 100% attribute 100% of the credit to the philosophy of being better.

 I have had awesome opportunities to be speaking at great events and get invited regularly to bring energy. If a high pace, high energy, Italian accented business speaker is what you’re after then I think you might have found him. 


I speak about:

Marketing and Business:

  • Strategic, customer-centric marketing – digital and traditional.
  • Business: growth hacking and sales.
  • The science of motivation and how to use It.
  • Business proposition and pitching.


  • Be Better: The science of progress and happiness.
  • The Science of confidence.
  • Productivity Hacks.
  • The Morning: How I do 80% of my job before breakfast

For availability, fees and other questions, contact me on luca.senatore@geniegoals.co.uk


Digital Entrepreneur 
E-Commerce Expert
Director at GENIE GOALS
Martial Artist

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