Productivity Tips From LinkedIn Pros

A few days ago I decided to tap into the power of LinkedIn once again. I asked a few people in my network this:

Hello #LinkedIn ❤? One for the #entrepreneurs and #busienssowners on here: What is your best advice on #productivity? Something that consistently works for you? Mine is #PostIts: At the end of the day, I write down on Post-Its the 3-5 things (one each Post-it) I must absolutely accomplish/complete the day after and I don’t do anything else until those are done. Worked wonders for me in the past. Yours? Go!!!!!!!!!! ?❤ Tagging some who I look at as productivity wizards but would love to include as many as possible. As usual, I’ll do a good write up and share it with you all.

The outcome was this (I freaking love the people in my network :)):

I’ve tried many productivity hacks and there’s only one that works like a charm – time boxing with a twist. Nothing beats it. I have a clear overview on what’s ahead, and I’m also very aware of the disruptions in the schedule that postponing one activity would lead to. If anyone wants to know more about how I made this work for me, let’s connect and talk about it.

“In a nutshell, it’s all about giving up To Do lists completely, as they’re very unproductive. Each task has its own time slot in the calendar, and this gives you a great overview of what can be postponed for when”.

“Everything. Each “appointment” is a task with specific details, deadlines and so on”. Ciprian G. Trip:

I use a super geek set of tools: a simple notebook and pen where every single day I write my list of priorities, that I will checkbox during the day. It helps me always to have my non-negotiable tasks under control, it doesn’t work every day, but it works much better than not doing it. My grandfather always thought me that if there is anything in life that improves you even by 0.01% its worth to try it. Simone Luciani:

Luca I use a master list, like a brain dump of everything then filter it at the end of the day for the next day… filters usually for me are the Jobs I’m working on…but could also include Personal tasks. Use the Wunderlist software. James Woodward:

Todo list is the way. I’m quite old school on that and I have my moleskine always on my desk. I also use the pomodoro technique for time management. The two tools combined are simply and awesome.
Raffaele Gaito:

Luca – great share! I keep a track of the day n week via an excel file, plus I also add what could have been done different and how can I be better tomorrow. I know this may be a bit primitive but works for me. Ram Vadlamani:

I use a mix of new technologies like Outlook and Trello (when working cooperatively with others) as well as a couple of white boards: one large for the whole office and one in front of me, next to my screen. Massimo Gaetani:

Aw I missed it! I feel humbled among these productivity geniuses though… my ‘trick’ is to just get started and keep going until each thing is done. And I love lists, of course. Lists are the best. Looking forward to reading the mega blog post! Lucy Goodchild:

I’m actually a big fan of Gmail tasks. It takes the pressure off from having to answer emails straight away. I do a sweep of messages; delete the obvious stuff, very quickly answer stuff that takes one sentence and just CTRL + T to pop anything that takes more thought on my task list. That item on the list has an easy link to the original email, so I can just make time to go through these and respond properly. I also have Gmail hooked up to Trello so I can add things to the overall plan quite easily. Sue Keogh:

Trello! Easy to prioritize, keep track of your day to days, and managing any major projects you may have ? and much more. Works wonders for me personally and my broader team. Oyinkro Kagbala:

Thank you for reading. If you’re interested in more productivity stuff, read this: Productivity, what it really means and how to achieve it.