Perfection Will Destroy You

⚠️ Perfection WILL destroy you, your soul, your spirit, your motivation and kill your results.
Continuous analysis of what to STOP, START and CONTINUE with a good mix of discipline and patience is more durable.
😬 Not mediated in a week, a month, a year? 👍 Start again right now.
😬 Missed a day? 👍 Start again right now.
😬 Not gotten up early enough for a month? 👍 Start again right now.
😬 Been distracted by shiny objects? 👍 Stop right now.
😬 Been working too long and neglected what’s dear to your heart? 👍 Stop right now.
😬 Been lazy watching too much Netflix? 👍 Stop right now
😬 Been eating cr&*p for a week, a month, A DECADE? 👍 Stop right now.
😬 Lost focus? 👍 Start again right now.
😬 Not helped anyone in a while? 👍 Start again right now.
You don’t have to do what you know you must do 100% of the time.
If you are 0% of the time go to 1%.
If you are at 50% go to 51%.
And if you fall off the good habit… you get it…
Love to you all 💛