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I deliver consultancy and coaching to e-Commerce brands, SMEs and agencies/freelancers. I take massive satisfaction in seeing progress and measurable results and being part of the team that drives such results excites. 

My framework is based on the growth principles and mechanics described in my book – THE AGENCY: BUILD GROW REPEAT. We set OKRs (objectives and key results), build a roadmap and a solid plan to deliver and measure results. 

I work with the following two groups and focus mainly on marketing, communication, sales and growth. This is where I can bring the most value.

For Agencies and Freelancers

Building and scaling a successful agency or freelance business isn’t easy. I know, I tried and failed several times before I succeeded. 

As I wrote in my book: THE  AGENCY: BUILD – GROW – REPEAT, there are many elements which can make growing a business a lot easier or a lot harder. From sales, to marketing, processes, planning, building a solid proposition, unising the right tech and everything in between.

I have built seven businesses including a Google Award Winning, top 3% Digital Agency, I can help you  build yours too.

My approach is very direct, to the point and action-focused. Each meeting is carefully planned to understand the problem and come up with practical steps to solve it, either with my experience and skills or with those of the businesses in my network.

I don’t work with long contracts, we only work together as much and for as long as whatever you pay me is massively outweighed by the value you get. 

Contact me on +447769833144 for more information. 

For Brands and SMEs

To e-commerce brands and SMEs, I can offer consultancy and advice on: 

  • building an effective marketing strategy to grow your business online – particularly proficient in PPC, Shopping, Social Media, Affiliate and content
  • how to structure and maximise results from in-house marketing teams
  • how to manage a digital agency so that they are motivated to deliver the best results for you whilst you remain in control of the relationships
  • find, train and motivate talent and teams, either to build your in-house team or to manage the agencies you work with
  • audit your agencies’ work and make optimization (efficiency or growth) steps
I can also help you find the right agency or freelancer – I have hundreds in my FB group and network. 
Projects with businesses are usually either ongoing, weekly, monthly or sometimes quarterly recurring sessions, or one-offs. 
Get in touch via email or on +447769833144 for more information.   

Some of the brands we work with at Genie

Some of the events I spoke at.


Awarded #5 Top 10 International PPC Experts and #21 Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts. Google Qualified and Premier Partner Google Award Winning Agency Director – Genie Goals.


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