Why You Must Use Facebook To Grow Your Business.

Not using FB for Business? 👇

– 2.79 billion people globally use Facebook
(LinkedIn has 722 million members)
– 86% of internet users with $100k+ income use Facebook
– Facebook users almost exclusively use mobile to access Facebook
– 73% of U.S. Facebook users log in daily
– 57% of U.S. social media users use Facebook to share content
🚀 Facebook generates $50K/month for just one of the businesses I run, organically, no ads ❌

And Bogdan Razvan and Timaru Vlad here did as much as $13,800 in one week on FB organic and won the $10K award in the SAM Mentoring Program 💪

If you are a coach, consultant, course creator, agency, freelancer… (and probably many more to be included) and are not using Organic FB to drive sales you are leaving a lot of income and impact on the table.

If you decide that this is the time for you to start using it… SMART! You got this 🔥