Don’t Compare

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This video is about the importance of being us and comparing ourselves only to a previous version of ourselves and to the version of ourselves we want to become. 

It overlaps with the concept of being competitive. I’ve done sports since I was a child; competed at a semi-professional level till recently. I can say with the highest confidence that I’m not competitive. 

I never care about the result, win or I lose. ‘Course it’s nicer to win but my level of happiness goes from 10 to 9 if I lose, not from 10 to 0 or thereabout. 

What gets me to 0 is performing poorly against my potential. If I compete against a great opponent and lose but perform well, I feel happy, maybe even a 10. If I compete against a poor one and perform poorly but win, I’d be disappointed, maybe only reach a 5. 

It’s the performance against my potential that dictates how happy I feel. 

Thus I conclude that I’m not competitive, not externally at least. 

However I’m ridiculously competitive with myself.  In business, relationships, sport and life, I have the urge to be better than me yesterday, 

🥊 it’s a fight: I see what I did yesterday and always feel like I want to trash me! Sometimes I don’t make it but I always give myself a taught fight.

This is my approach and I don’t offer it as the best for all, it’s just the best for me and maybe it works for you too.

Don’t Compare. #TheGrowthFactor