The True Story of WHY Lamborghini Was Born. It Was Ferrari’s Fault!

This is the true story of how, or rather why, Lamborghini was born. It underlines how having a powerful WHY is vital. A why that goes beyond profit, success and materialistic wins. Here the video. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VLefNIERKk Enjoy the video and as always, remember to subscribe to my newsletter so you get this stuff…


[VIDEO] My Talk at Growth Conference Europe #GCE – June 2019

On the 3rd June, I had the honour to speak at the #GrowthConferenceEurope alongside some truly remarkable #speakers. The conference was organised by the insanely talented Raffaele Gaito, Luca Barboni, Andrea Bifulco and Gerardo Forliano in Milan. 500 or so super-engaged amazing professionals filled the room with true fire and desire to grow, and…