Sales Tips From Sales Pros

I recently wrote a post with some golden marketing tips - 26 in total - which came from a post I published on LinkedIn (connect with me if you'd like), asking my network to contribute to a list of marketing tips I started. Contribute they did, and we came up with a great list…


30 Minutes With Ben Dansie, CEO and Founder at Omobono: The Digital Agency For Business Brands.

I had the great opportunity to spend some time with Ben Danise, CEO and Founder of a great digital agency for business brands: Omobono. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NSgLS4A3eI&feature=youtu.be Ben and I talk about starting, building and growing an agency, hiring staff, training them, and keeping them motivated. We touch on marketing, sales and automation and many aspects…



If you are running or thinking to start an operation that you want to grow to a remarkable level, you have the responsibility to create something remarkable. Let me beg you: [PRAYING HANDS] “please don’t start just another [FILL IN THE BLANK] just for the sake of ‘taking a slice of the cake’. These…