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Snapshot of Speaking Portfolio

  • How Do You WOW Your Teams and Your Customers?

    How Do You WOW Your Teams and Your Customers?

    What brand is represented in the picture below; the one with the goats? It’s got nothing to do with dairy, or food of any sort.  It’s Google. In the US, as part of their green initiative; Google rents goats to mow the lawn in their Mountain View HQ. Now, that is remarkable. Zappos, shoe retailer, […]Read More »
  • Keep rubbing the lamp

    Keep rubbing the lamp

    On a scale of one to ten, where ten is the growth potential that you want to achieve a couple of years from now in your business, personal life, relationships, fitness, or anything else, and one is where you haven’t started yet, where are you right now? For reference, five could be where you know […]Read More »
  • How do you motivate people and teams?

    How do you motivate people and teams?

    I give talks regularly, about marketing, business growth, culture and more. The topic of motivation is always requested and when we address it, people lean in and eyes get wider. People want to know, but they also want to understand how to implement strategies to motivate ourselves and our teams. In this article, we attempt […]Read More »

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